Wider Circle

Great Branding for a Good Cause

Branding, Collateral, Identity, Messaging, Strategy
Brand: Wider Circle
Wider Circle is an inspiring organization with a mission to reduce depression among older adults by encouraging them to socialize. Their win-win solution reduces the burden on the public health system while getting insurance companies to pick up the tab. Our challenge was to conduct focus groups to gather research about the demand for Wider Circle and how best to introduce it, then create a brand messaging framework and logo identity that resonates with Active Seniors.


Building trust with Active Seniors is extremely important because they are often resistant to changes in their daily routine. Wider Circle’s workshops and activities are flexible across a range of cultural, regional and economic environments. Each of these demographics offered their own unique challenges for creating a consistent and effective brand.


Using qualitative research, we tested a multitude of hypotheses and collected insights into a report to use for exploring messaging options. Through workshops with leadership, Propane created brand pillars and a new logo. After extensive research, strategic analysis, and creative brainstorming, our team developed their brand platform: Wider Circle is the “ribbon” that ties us all together.


Wider Circle’s founders are confident in their new strategic brand identity and are extending it across all communications. We commend Wider Circle for their innovation and commitment to improving lives of seniors, and we’re honored to have helped further their mission.